Sunday, March 02, 2008

Poker Affiliate Business - End Of Month Update #2

Time for a look at my Poker Affiliate Business for Feb 07 - and at some exciting plans for this month...

Will start with the players who signed up through my sites... a little disappointed to miss my target of 1 per day, though we got pretty close with 25 'real money players' + 10 software sales, so should not complain really.

Seemed to be a larger proportion of downloads / signups without deposits during Feb than before- not sure whether this is natural varience or just the kind of visitors I am attracting... anyway, in $$$ terms my best month yet (as before if the players win then I win - so all the more reason to keep the quality strategy coming along!!).

Traffic increased to all 3 sites (including Plan3t Gong!) which is excellent news, the views per visitor also went up for SNG Planet which was one of my objectives - not sure if any PG readers have been over lately but I re-wrote a good few of the early articles recently towards this goal.

Other Poker Business Highlights From Feb:

- Omaha Planet finally got some love from Google during the last week in Feb (took about 5 weeks after the first indexing to show up for some popular search terms), we rank well for a few 'PLO' and 'PLO8' terms and are coming along nicely for some others too. Have some more content already written for this site which will be going up over the next week or so, along with some 'article marketing' to keep the links coming in.

- SNG Planet has had a re-design (no, it is not up yet - you are not 'seeing things!') with a great new logo and much 'cleaner' look and feel.... we have a lot of work still to do on cleaning up the main pages yet so the new look is probably another week away - it should make the site really easy to navigate too (going to start archiving some of the older / less visited articles as we have a lot of new content lined up for this site!)

- Poker Bonusz Klub is the name of our first Hungarian site, it is simple and looks great, focusing on bonus deals for now - with plently of room for strategy built into the design.... would have been up already only we needed to wait 2 weeks while some Magyarol beauraucrat stamps our application and sends back (all this after we have to get 'witnesses' to get a HU hosting contract... gotta love it here!). This will be up in the next few days, unless someone comes up with another hoop to jump through...once it is up the process of getting links begins - this is going to be more difficult for a HU site (less potential for 'natural' links from people who appreciate the site...) so will involve me offering content in exchange for links in a couple of different forms over at PAW....

- Stopped My Writing Service... have stopped writing for other poker websites for the time being. Just could not bring myself to do it anymore, even though I appreciated the opportunity to work with some of the best sites around as a 'ghostwriter' the decision had to be that my content stays on my sites for the time being (will reserve the right to go back to the freelance poker writing should I need the money... oh and about to get started on a non-poker writing project next week too!!)

Poker Business Plans For March

- A new partnership is about to start between SNG Planet and the , Poker Strategy Forums, this is a new forum - and thus will be a challenge to kick-start. What attracted me to this partnership was some of the people involved in the project, including some Las Vegas Pros. We are starting with a 'soft' launch to iron out any bugs and plan to increase the publicity soon... I will 'sponsor' the SNG and MTT forums (not active yet) which will be used to discuss SNG Planet articles as well as the usual hand / general questions... plan is to build a thriving poker community over the next few months which will benefit from the various experts and resources involved.... we will see!

- 2 New sites are planned, one is a strategy site and the other more focused on Bonuses / Bonus codes (the latter will be my first ) not 100% sure we will get both finished at this point (I will need to learn Dreamweaver as it is getting too much for Erika alone... I just write too fast!) but will certainly have some new strategy online ready to be indexed by the big G - whether there is an 'under construction' next to it or not...

- Should include the same bullet here as every month... to make this month better than the last in terms of players, immediate money earned and moving forward towards my $10k / month by October goal.

- One or two other smaller plans too... will keep those cards close to my chest (as they say in Poker (????)) for now.

As before - anyone has any specific questions about the poker business feel free to drop me a comment... just write 'do not publish' if you, erm, do not want me to publish...

GL at those tables, Mark

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Haynesey said...

Hey Mark!

Really enjoying these posts.

My RMP's were also lower then expected over February. Coupld possible reasons.

1. Shorter month.
2. People starting to feel the effects of a "expensive" christmas, paying back loans taken out over Chrsitmas.

My PMP's continued to increase and as long as this is the case we should expect these to convert at a later date, well hopefully anyways!!

Good Luck,