Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Personal Post - A Real Life Inflection Point!

Happy news to share in todays (non-poker) post.

Last night Erika and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary of being together with a nice meal in a local restaurant followed by a bottle of Moet and chat about the future. After being 'engaged' for a little over a year we decided it was about time to sort out a date.... yep, 20th Sept 2008 will see us getting married (!!).

Never imagined I'd end up living in Budapest and marrying a Hungarian lady... in fact until a few years ago I really knew nothing about this country at all.

Posted here by my 'big blue' employer to project manage the setup of a new 'outsourcing' service centre I actually spent the first year living in the Mariott hotel (ugh!).

As a friendly but very determined corporate guy, I had noticed that certain areas of recruitement were looking like falling behind schedule... after working with our internal managers and external recruiters it was not getting any better - hmmm.... failure had never been an option for me so I took the natural (for me at least!) next step of requesting the manager of the Adecco branch that recruited for us to come to my office and explain exactly how they planned to resolve the issues, and by the way could they please do it faster, cheaper and better quality at the same time!

To cut a (potentially) long story short the branch manager who appeared was Erika... while I'm sure I gave her the standard corporate 'hard time' at that first meeting we somehow ended up together, travelling the world and now working on the 'planet' affiliate business...

If someone would have said to me I'd be in Budapest, having set a wedding date with a Hungarian lady, and working on my own business a few years ago I'd most probably have given them a slightly puzzled look and then carried on with whatever it was I was doing at the time.

Funny how life works out.

Cheers, Mark


Sean said...

Congratulations, man. I spent a few days in Budapest about 5 years ago, very cool city and great food! I got hammered with a slew of Hungarians at some place called the Old Man Bar in Pest, to this day it is one of my favorite nights out ever. Good luck in the future!

Gallopin Gael said...

Congrats on setting the date.

Now comes the "end game". Good Luck!

Oopda said...