Sunday, March 09, 2008

MTT Discipline...

Managed a deep but unsatisfactory 12th in a $33 MTT over at Party yesterday which triggered several lines of thinking related to what we can loosely term 'tournament psychology'.

The first of these concerns discipline. While it is a personal 'bugbear' by its very nature, hopefully a reader or two can relate... After 3 or 4 hours of concentrating, working out odds and stack size considerations, using the past behaviour of opponents to narrow their ranges, making the occasional 'move' and accumulating those chips... I, well, blow-up!

Exact circumstances and hands differ - however the theme is the same. For whatever reason I lose the focus which got me deep... try a re-steal against a player I know will call, peel off an expensive turn card which gives me just enough of a hand to lose all my chips, convince myself that an opponent 'must be bluffing' (and turn out to be right but lose to 3rd pair anyway).

There is certainly an element of frustration here, with many examples of deep-runs in tournaments being the victim of loss of focus. Now the first step to fixing this issue has been taken (no, not writing it here - that is the 2nd!).... after all you can not address a problem until you identify it!

GL at those tables, Mark


Game101 said...

lol... funny that you make this post because this is what i've been going through most of this weekend.

I just mentioned it in my weekend update. I agree, the first and most important step is recognizing the problem.

Anonymous said...

If you can teach people to fix this problem, you'll be a rich man. ;)

Mark said...

Thanks for the comments gents... glad I am not the only one!!

Cheers, Mark