Sunday, March 30, 2008

Introducing... A New 'Planet'

Up to my eyeballs in business at the moment - promise to get right back to the strategy posts shortly!

Wanted to introduce the newest member of the family today - Rakeback Planet

Well, the clue is in the name there - but we wanted to be able to offer the best current rakeback deals for all of the planet sites. So rather than create complete sections for each site we made a new site... and will be linking this from pages like this one at SNG Planet... Best Sit N Go Rakeback (the other sites will get a similar page soon!).

From a business perspective rakeback is a tricky issue... the problem is that once a player is educated about Rakeback they will not sign-up without it, which argues for offering this across all the sites. On the other hand if someone is not educated about rakeback, and is ok to sign-up without it, then an affiliate makes more money by not educating them.... of course the small stakes liesure player may actually benefit more from 'bonus-whoring' (chasing and clearing bonuses) than rakeback since these clear faster in many cases....

After giving it some thought my decision was this:

1) Become a sub-affiliate with one of the bigger Rback sites so I can offer the largest available deals (educated players will check, so no point being lower!)

2) Make rakeback available via the strategy sites to anyone who already knows about this and is looking for it... not hidden from anyone, but do not give a good reason for those who do not already know about it to click.

3) At the same time use the ranking power of the established sites to target a couple of long-tail phrases which include the term rakeback.

So - if any readers would like a deal, including one at a site where all I am allowed to say is 'bonus' (no mention of 30% RB allowed - even in a round-about way!) then check out Rakeback Planet today.

Will do a proper business update mid-week when all the results from March are in. Really pumped up about the business side of things at the moment with some massive plans for April... including SNG Planet now getting translated into 2 other languages (the first 2 of many all being well!) and the biggest and best 'planet' website yet now under construction.

GL at those tables, Mark

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