Monday, March 24, 2008

Dan Harrington To Write SNG Book?!?

No, not a scoop - just an interesting line from an excellent interview with Dan Harrington in the latest 2+2 Podcast.

- While discussing his new 'Harrington On Cash Games' Books... apparently co author Bill Robertie wants them to write a SNG Strategy book together! Harrington was a little dubious about the idea - but only on the amount of demand for this... wake up time Mr Harrington, just take a look at PokerStars SNG lobby at peak times to get an idea!

A couple of other interesting points I picked up from this podcast...

- The old debate on Tournament vs Cash game skill levels: Dan Harrington repeated several times that the cash games are the 'more skilled' poker since there are less 'restricted choices'. My personal perspective is that this is an illusionary argument... that the goals of poker are

a) Money (!) and:
b) Pleasure

the 'my game is more skilled than your game' sort of argument does not quite fit with this view - unless you are the type of person who enjoys telling people that you are 'superior' to them in some way!!

- Earlier in the podcast the hosts were discussing the Full Tilt / Cardrunners deal... not going to discuss the details of that here at this time. The interesting point for me was that they mentioned that 10,000 people are now members!!

Not sure if this is true or an (gu)estimate from the hosts, but hey, add this to PxF, Stox, PSO, Leggo and SNG Icons etc etc and wow - that is a lot of people paying for training... sure there are 'trained' people dropping out of the game all the time... but the numbers surely are big enough to give all online poker players something to think about.

Recommend the 2+2 Podcast- in fact this has been a very pleasant suprise!

GL at the table, Mark

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