Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Are You Ready For The Big Tournament Payouts?? (Part #2)

Time to get 'Part #2' week underway!

Our first part 2 post continues an introduction to preparing for final table play... started in this post here http://plan3tgongpoker.blogspot.com/2008/03/are-you-ready-for-big-tournament.html

The idea was simple, unless you are used to short-handed poker, huge blinds (compared to stacks) and ultimately the heads-up situation then all that hard work getting to the final table of a large MTT could be somewhat wasted... you could be left with a $1000 prize instead of a $10k one - thinking 'if only I'd thought about the important factors to consider in this situation beforehand...." (well, something like that at least).

So, here we will look at the merits (or otherwise) of using SNG tournaments to gain this experience. After all, you'll experience many of the same situations in a sit n go than at the final table of an MTT.... just with slightly smaller stacks.

SNGs for Final Table Experience - Pros / Similarities

- Go from a full table to a single survivor (short handed experience)
- Blinds can be high in relation to stacks
- Big influence of payout struture on strategy (especially for multi-table SNGs where 5+ places are paid)
- High Blind heads-up required... invaluable practice for HU Play

SNGs for Final Table Experience - Cons / Differences

- Money Influence could be'different' when it comes to influencing behaviour... for example the $10 for 3rd in a $5 SNG may not matter too much to your average liesure player, while a $1000 pay jump in a large MTT final table most probably will. Payout structures in MTTs are top-heavy... but everyone is in the money so no 'zero for 4th' influence either.
- Speed of blinds in comparison with stacks, MTTs will usually see a slower increase as a proportion of your stack than in a SNG tournament (especially turbos)
- Very short handed and heads-up play will often be shallower in a SNG tournament, making these games more 'push / fold' than multi-street.

My thoughts:

- The biggest factor for most people is the size of the money jumps and the pressure this can put on decision making... as much as we like to think we would be 'cool and collected' when a close decision for $1k comes up - this is certainly different from a SNG bubble situation that might be for $30!

- While not perfect by any means, there are really very few alternatives to SNGs when it comes to getting final table experience (well, other final tables are the obvious candidates... but this defeats the whole object of being prepared - at least in the short term!).

Your Thoughts:

Not here yet... but are always welcome here at Plan3t Gong - drop me a comment to let me know what you think of the importance of preparing for the final table by playing SNGs.

'Part #2 Week to be continued... with, erm, well, more part #2's!'

GL at the tables, Mark


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