Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Are You Ready For The Big Tournament Payouts??

Here is something to think about.

How ready are you for a deep-run in a tournament, one where the money jumps are significant enough compared to your bankroll to matter??

Of course, there are several types of 'being prepared' to look at - todays thought concerns adjustments to strategy, particularly for short-handed tables. After all, you worked hard playing at full tables for many hours to reach the last few players.... it would be a shame if a lack of experience in this situation caused problems now, just as the money gets huge!

The end-game of MTTs begins with the last few tables, here you will start to play short-handed as the tables will not balance so fast... 6 and 7 handed the most common, where there are 9 seats the final 2 tables will get down to 5 players each on the final-table bubble... what adjustments should you make and how are these affected by chip-stacks and the experience levels of your opponents??

How about the very end? Heads-up play could make a difference of $1000's (or even 10's of $1000's) to the money you take... surely only a fool would get this far without at least a plan of how to adjust to the heads-up situation? ok, blind / stack ratios and opponent tendencies come into play, but you should at least know what hand is the 'average' heads up, right??!?

All very well asking these kind of questions... what are the possible solutions?

This is the thought to leave you with (for today at least)... this week I plan to look at 2 different areas and ask whether they could improve our play in the end-section of tournaments.

1) SNGs (both full-ring and 6-max)
2) Heads-Up Matches

In the mean time please feel free to suggest any other areas to include in a 'being prepared for the end of a tournament' theme!

GL at the tables, Mark

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