Thursday, March 20, 2008

3 Betting Pre In Omaha8 With A Reasonably Good High-Only Hand??

Just posted this query over at the Poker Strategy Forums - for the life of me can not see how 3-betting a good high could maximize expectation in a loose fixed limit Omaha 8 game... happy to be wrong (and thus educated on the subject!)... please reply to the original post in the 'Online Poker Chat' board (at the top)

Hey All,

A little confused by something I that came up on a Poker X Factor video... wanted to run this by some of the fixed limit poker experts here to see what you think.

The game was Omaha 8-or better and the trainer has A-10-Q-Q (3-diamonds) on the button. A limper from MP3 and the C/O raises - trainer now decides to isolate by raising again...

This seemed a strange move to me on O8 - sure you knock out the blinds this way and get position, but can it really be +EV to isolate with a hand without low potential (and actually vulnerable for the high - for example pairing the ace would often see aces-up (with a low card) from an opponent)....

My usual play is to limp behind with a high only and 'run awayyyy' fast on a low flop... with the raise ahead I'd have folded.

To be honest the trainer (Rizen) is not an O8 expert - though his NLHE and tournament training vids are usually excellent.So... is there a case for 3-betting the high here pre flop???

Cheers, Mark


mikewoodhouse said...

A couple of quick thoughts:

Without any knowledge of the players, I hate it in a limit game, dislike it in a pot-limit game and would probably do it in the mid-to-late stages of a SNG...

On the plus side, I suppose it has scoop chances on a high-only or two-high flop, but I'd really want to know that CO will raise with something other than AAxx before I got involved.

Mark said...

Thanks for that Mike - was wondering whether I was missing something with this... Rizen actually did it very early in the session and then something similar later on.

He won a decent pot on this occasion but I could not stop thinking this was limit Texas Holdem thinking mis-applied to O8.

Cheers, Mark