Thursday, February 07, 2008

Poker Stars Rakeback + Rabbit Hunting!

Interesting link in a short post today (extra busy once again!)... it comes from a post over at Pocket 5's where someone has put together a useful chart which shows the FPP 'cash bonuses' equivalent to rakeback at Poker Stars... as someone in the thread points out the cash may not be the best option from the FPP store as far as value for money goes - but anyway here is the link!

P5's Poker Stars FPP Rakeback Thread (will open a new window).

'Rabbit Hunting' in poker refers to seeing which hand would have won had hands not been folded... the Poker Stars software made personal rabbit hunting very easy recently with the 'hover over' display of your own folded cards.

Personally think this is a very smart move by Stars - however not one that is actually in the player's best interest!

Looking at the Psychology behind the ease of 'seeing what you would have won' one has to come to the conclusion that it is designed to make (less disciplined) players play looser... the 'if only I'd called mentality".

Not complaining mind - after all, its a neat little feature!

Here is a link to Stars - just in case you are the last poker player on earth who has not yet got an account there... now have my very own marketing code PAWSUB35... catchy eh?

Visit Poker Stars Now! (again new window)

GL at those tables, Mark

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