Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Playing Poker Against.... Yourself??

Saw a post on P5's that got me thinking... no point including the link, will introduce the idea here instead - as is often the case at P5's these days a potentially interesting discussion has been hyjacked by the usual idiots.... never mind!

Imagine this - you sit down to play poker, be it a SNG, MTT or Cash game... your opponents are 9 other clones of you!

Think about that for a minute... 9 people who play exactly as you do.

No collusion, or even knowledge that this is the case among the other players - the idea here is that you become aware of this. Now you can adjust your game to do two things:

1) Exploit Your Own Weaknesses!
2) Defend Against Your Own Strengths!

Well, super-busy again today so will leave the answers to this one for later in the week - will make both lists in my trusty notepad as they spring to mind.... have a feeling that this could be an interesting exercise and one that could improve your game.

In the meantime feel free to drop a comment and let me know what you would do to exploit your own weaknesses and defend against your own strengths!!

Gl at the cloned tables, Mark

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