Monday, February 11, 2008

Online Events + The Week Ahead!

The trusty 'Plan3t Gong Notepad' is filling up nicely with ideas for posts this week!

Today a quick preview of the things I'll be encouraging you to think about this week - plus my thoughts on the number of online tournament 'events' around at the moment and why this is a good sign for all of us online poker players.

A brief glance at the PG Notepad reveals....

- Cap Limit PLO thoughts (no more ammo after potting the flop!)
- What the $%^& do out of position 'check min-raises' mean???
- The other side of pot odds part #3 (situational)
- Micro stack play at the SNG bubble (mathematical look of Moshman's ideas)

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Ah yes, events.

As many readers will know we are currently enjoying the 7th FTOPS over at Full Tilt, in addition to this there is some 'forum noise' to make the Stars WCOOP 2* (or more!) a year, Titan started their ECOOP late last year and UBOC is another recent addition... and the latest additions just got announced:

- The inaugural Bodog Online Poker Championship starts on the 3rd of March, with some generous added cash as is the norm at this poker site... (link is to SNG Planet Blog post on the subject)
- The Titan 2 Million Gtd one-off event takes place on the 2nd March...
- Stars have announced their '$2 Million Turbo TakeDown' for Feb 17th (a freeroll no less!)....

Every poker site and it's dog* seem to be announcing the latest and greatest online tournament event at the moment. With player numbers increasing and the fight among the sites for an ever bigger slice of the online poker cake it appears we are in a new 'golden age' of online poker.

*Immediate explusion from the poker bloggers community required for ugly metaphore abuse?!?

Are these events worth playing? IMO yes, the fields are not full of pros - in fact they are designed to attract the recreational players with satellites filling up to half the fields... my personal way of doing these is to try a couple of sats for each event - just never know when that 'breakthrough' score is going to propel you to the big money tables!

GL at those online event tables, Mark

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sttrow said...

Great blog mate, been reading for a while. Top ebook btw also.

I've linked you up, any chance of one to me?

Mark said...

Sure, Sttrow... nice blog and happy to link to you.

Cheers, Mark