Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Give Me Power!!

Managed to fit in a few tournaments over the last couple of days - doing reasonably well, though no big scores.

Came in 14th out of 3980 (ish) in the Stars 'SilverStar+' $20k gtd freeroll on Saturday evening, one of the blinds selfishly woke up with queens when I shoved my 4-6 suited from the button (was short so no regrets!). The thing is that more than 4 hours 'work', more than 3970 people out before me and what do I get??


(Bus fare home)

Well, ok then the $60 could have probably got me a taxi.... not worth it really, chances of getting to the final table are small enough (and even those payouts not huge) that I'll be passing on this tournament in future.

Monday I final tabled a $7 re-buy at Titan which made up for it a little, 7th (6th?, 8th?) (well one of those positions). Came down to a blind battle in the end... my opponent flopping the nut flush did not particularly help my chances of progressing any further.

Last night... oh dear oh dear.

A really nice run in 2 tournaments (out of 4 started).

- Down to 40 out of 500-odd in the FTP $24+$2 Knockout... I already poofed a few people and have about 12 BBs left (leaves me around 26th ish).

- Down to 151 in the Titan $35k gtd... I have 55k in chips (top 20) with just 1 to go until the money and get dealt pocket Kings - a small raise ahead (to about 2k) I re-raise from the c/o to put the guy all-in for his remaining 7k chips... and the table big-stack with over 100k flat calls from the BB (he was a total donk overplaying anything suited, connected or containing a high card). I rub my hands in anticipation of a BIG pot... the original raiser calls


"Boszmac" shouted from down-stairs (Hungarian, just use your imagination to translate into English!)


Erika appears with a candle... turns out its the whole area. The electricity has gone, taking with it our router and all of the available neighbours routers too.


Nothing at all in fact, around an hour later we give up and go to bed. Half an hour more and the fridge humms back into life... ahah.

Jumping up and logging back into Titan... to my astonishment I'm still alive in the tourney!! Blinds are now 8k / 4k and after posting my small blind I have < 2k in chips, push the rest in with my 9-6 off and lose vs A-K... ah well my cards were live... so it was out in 49th place... The Full Tilt? well I finished somewhere between 40th and 30th. With only a small difference in the prizes it did not seem worth going to the trouble of finding out exactly which place it was!

Only a matter of time before a decent score comes my way - if anyone has any good 'Power-cut bad beat' stories please share them by dropping a comment here!

GL at the tables, Mark

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