Thursday, February 28, 2008

Convert Tournament Dollars At Full Tilt Poker - At Last!

A quick interuption to the normal service here at Plan3t Gong to bring a small - yet significant - news flash!

For too long the satellite qualifiers at Full Tilt Poker have had a major drawback... you could only use them to, erm, well - win seats...

This has changed for the better today - with the ability to convert those T$ (tournament dollars) into cash at a 5% comission. Ok, the commission is not ideal - but compares well to many of the services offering such exchanges for Stars T$ and does not involve any additional hassles.

For me this is great news, have been a fan of satellites for a while and honestly think that a thinking poker player has an edge in these games... the sats at Full Tilt have been softer than stars for some while - let us hope this T$ update allows us to make a nice profit, at least while the skill level picks up!!

For readers who are not yet a members of Full Tilt then this site really should be in your line-up, you'll get to clear the $600 (100% match) sign-up bonus while you check them out too! (bonus / referral code SNGPLANET will get you the max available bonus). Go get those soft satellites today!

Visit Full Tilt Poker Now!

For those who are already a member I can recommend the excellent guide to Satellite Qualifiers at Full Tilt Poker in the 'satellites' section of SNG Planet (and why not!)

GL Collecting those T$, Mark

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KingPrussia said...

also new with this software release is that the token tournaments end immediately when all finalists win the token. no more wasting time shoving all in just to get the tournament to end.