Monday, January 21, 2008

The Ugly Side Of Variance - Moving On As A Player!

There is a 'no bad-beat' policy here at Plan3t Gong... been there right since the start. So, you may ask, why is this post titled 'The Ugly Side Of Variance' ??

Well, Saturday evening I took some time out from building the 'Planet Empire' to play a few MTTs... 6 in total ranging from the nightly $50k on Stars, a $20 freezeout on Titan, a couple of $26 KO SNGs (90 player) on Tilt along with a larger MTT there, and - just for fun - a $3+rebuy on Stars too!

So, I made the money in a grand total of 1 tournament... here was my bust out hand: Folded to me in the C/O with 6 blinds... found 9-10 sooooted and shoved. Called by the SB with Kings and 'poof' I'm gone. I actually cheered this one and shouted down to the 'better half' from my study something along the lines of 'Yeah, actually went out getting my money in behind for once in my life!!!'

This moment was made a happy one by the results of the previous 5 tournaments, each time I either had the last raise or bet enough (deliberately) to pot commit myself. Here we go (can not recall which was which so in no particular order!).

- My AA, managed to 4 bet all in against JJ.... 'Poofed'!

- My AK, shoved 12 BBs over 2 limpers and a 4bb MP raise, called by A-8 (!)... 'Poofed'

- Raised my AQ in MP, flatted by BB who lead for 1/3rd pot... on A-7-3 (ish) flop... reraised all-in... (i'm shortish) he turned up A-9 off... 'Poofed!'

- My AA raised in EP, 3 bet from button, I 4-bet (2/3rds of my stack) and he shoves... call and he turns up KK..... 'Poofed!'

- Saved the best till last... 10-10 in MP, standard raise flatted by SB, flop perfect A-10-5! He leads and we get into a raising war until all of the chips are in the middle... he has A-10.... yep you guessed it....' Poofed!'

The great thing is, and the reason for second part of the title above is that my reaction to this night of horrors was very relaxed. Sure, it was dissapointing, but no tilt, no reactions at all on the other tables - just continued to tell myself to make those 'good decisions' and the money would come my way.

Feel like this is a good sign, could have easily picked a low buy-in one (the $3+r) and shoved away... venting some frustration. But the frustration was not there... must have moved on!

GL at those high variance tables, Mark

PS: Any britbloggers know what happened to Intendre? aka 'An Amateur Contemplates' ? getting a 404 'not found' message when visiting his blog - would be a shame if this stopped, was one of my regular reads!

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