Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Pro Aspirations + Rizen On Cheating + (Not) The Turn!

Had today marked for the start of a new 'mini-series' of posts considering the turn, that often overlooked street that can often make the difference between playing a big pot and a small one... alas too busy for that today (will start later in the week) so instead a couple of poker links worth thinking about!

Firstly, an interesting thread on P5's - someone asked what chance does an average player have of going pro? The debate that followed included a discussion on Maths (and several other things). My view has been recorded here at Plan3t Gong a good few times now... that only a small percentage of those who think they want to be pro would enjoy it when (if) they got there.... here is the link:

P5's Thread

Next, a link to Rizen's (Eric Lynch) blog, always my favourite on PxF and great all round strategist too... the fat-boy of poker is currently running well in the Poker Stars Caribbean Adventure - scroll down his blog a little though - the thought provoking posts concern cheating. Rizens thoughts on Multi-accounting, Ghosting, Datamining and Tools in general can all be found here at:

Rizen Poker

GL at those tables! Mark

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