Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Poker Planning And Adjusting + A Nomination!

Re-doing the Satellites section over at SNG Planet at the moment (not ready quite yet!) and working on the Hungarian poker portal too (nope, nem beszelek Magyarol (don't speak Hungarian) - though I will restart lessons next month so you never know!).

Too busy to have a proper poker session I did manage a couple of short sessions at the micro-limits on Pacific between articles... just to relax.

These tables are pretty crazy. The players have little or no idea of how to play at all, any draw is a call (of any bet size), strong hands are either all-in pre-flop or horribly slowplayed... some folks even play every hand, even for a raise, from any position.

Now, even though there was hardly any money at stake I wanted to beat these games, after all that is the idea of poker... if the 'play money' tables were good enough for Chris Ferguson then micro-cash is good enough for me!

This lead to making several adjustments. Will not list them all here (this is a 'high level' thought, not a guide to beating the micros!). In fact I'd go as far as to say the winning strategy at the lowest levels is completely different from the higher ones.... after all why raise pre without a hand when a 5 or 7 BB raise will get 4 callers??!?

What it forced me to do was to come up with a plan. To actually straighten out in my mind what hands to play and how to play them, to think about what I would do on certain flops in advance depending on various factors and so on... the plan was simple and effective.

Here is todays 'thing to think about'.... it is never any use complaining about how totally inexperienced players are impossible to 'read' and play against. Poker is not so much about what cards you play from what position as it is about how you adjust your own game to beat individual players... plans need to constantly adjust depending on who has called, the flop texture and the depth of stacks relative to your position in a tournament, bet sizes depend on the post-flop tendencies of your opponents, will a raise now clarify the situation and let you know if you are ahead or behind? Or will it needlessly build the pot?

Next time you see a forum post where someone wants to move up as they can not beat the donks at whatever level then think of it this way... poker is a game of constantly adjusting - if you can not switch your strategy to beat opponents intent on giving their money away then how will you cope with opponents intent on taking your chips???!?


On a separate subject I have been nominated (twice!) for the '2007 Writer Of The Year' award at the Poker Affiliate Programs site (the largest poker affiliate community online). This is very flattering - thanks to those who nominated me and I hope to continue producing the best quality content for other poker webmasters in 2008!

Gl with adjusting to the tables, Mark

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