Thursday, January 10, 2008

Poker Affiliate Aspirations for '08

Time for the first 'Poker Business' post of 2008... as regular readers will know I created a site last year ( ) which has both beaten my initial expectations and served as a platform for learning about the poker affiliate industry.

This year I will be using the knowledge gained to build a full-time poker affiliate income.

'Team Planet' will shortly become Planet Corp Kft (thinking big!) and launching a number of sites this year including 2 in January and at least 1 more in Feb! These will cover a number of 'niches' within the poker world and a number of geographies too.... the challenge is a big one, and something that will take a lot of hard work and effort - to reach a 'passive' income of more than $10,000 per month by the end of the year!

We are just days away from launching a new site... so I thought it would be good to post on what 'launching a site' actually involves - after all google will find us eventually anyway.

Well, let us start with the site itself. Many apsiring poker affiliates simply put up a few banners and room reviews and wait for the cash to come rolling in. It will never happen. The cornerstone of a poker site is content... quality content. To this end we have put together a site with some 57 pages (some mine and some written by partners), the articles are aimed at newer players (our target audience) and optimised for a variety of 'keywords' in the niche - that is terms which new players might be typing into Google.

Getting to the front page of Google for our terms will take a short while, but much of the work is already done - Erika, my beautiful finance, has optimised the 'on-page' criteria which will give us a great SEO (search engine optimisation) boost... the next step will come with the imminent launch and involve getting backlinks to my site from all over the web!

So, that said here is our plan for next week - to launch the new site!

1 - Press Release, costs some money but will give us some immediate exposure and 'quality' backlinks too
2 - Utilize Existing Sites, a post here on Plan3t Gong + links / ads in the relevant pages of SNG Planet.
3 - Mail to the SNG Planet e-mail list, well over 1000 and growing all the time, sure some people will unsubscribe each time I mail (which is why we use the list sparingly and send only quality mailings) but this is not usually more than 0.5% or so.
4 - Article Marketing, again for backlinks, send 10 articles over the week to many of the repositories for gambling articles - good quality will ensure they are republished by other websites... increasing the backlinks still further.
5 - Directory Submission Service - Again for links, plan is to target 1000 or so directories.
6 - DMOZ Submission - Usually takes a while but this is the number #1 directory of all and will involve a manual submission.
7 - Paid Links / Adverts - Just a small budget for this.
8 - Link Exchanges - Start to swap links with other quality poker websites.
9 - Sitemap Submissions - To the major search engines (already did the main URL to these)
10 - Social Boomarking - Submit to Stumbleupon, Del.ici.ous and all the other social bookmark sites.

Quite a list and we have not even finished the layout of the site yet! Plan3t Gong readers will be the first to know about this new site - so come back soon!!

If any readers are interested in the poker affiliate business feel free to drop me a comment with your questions and mail address (will not publish the comment if e-mail addresses are included unless you specify that this is ok) I'll be happy to point you in the right direction.

Gl at the tables, Mark


michael said...

Good Luck. Enjoy reading your sites.

Jørgen said...

Hi Mark

Been enjoying Plan3tGong forsome time now. Just wanted to wish you GL with your new poker venture. Have you thougt about profiles in facebook, MySpace maybe 2nd life? Iv'e heard about pokersites in facebook and MySpace, just a thought. GL at the tables, the flop be with you, and the be calm.

P.S.: I've been to Hungary a couple of time and been romanticly involved with a Hungarian woman once... So be careful! They've got spirit!

Mark said...

Thanks gentlemen!

Ahah, those Hungarian ladies... agree with the 'spirit', they also spend more on fitness and beauty than *any* other nation (pro rata) - and my goodness it shows!

Cheers, Mark