Saturday, January 12, 2008

Omaha Poker - My New Site Is Ready!

After an awful lot of hard work, more than 50 pages of content, 3 colour changes and 5 logo's.... my new site is ready (well almost - still need a couple of ads for the left hand side).

Would greatly appreciate any feedback on Omaha Poker Planet (will open new window). The target audience for this one is new poker players and those with some Holdem experience looking to give Omaha a try.... tons of content already and lots more in the pipeline too!

Will be continuing to work hard next week - we are introducing a 'blog' inside SNG Planet and working on a Hungarian language site too... also back to strategy posts here at Plan3t Gong.

If you have any feedback on Omaha Planet, good, bad or ugly please leave me a comment - would be very much appreciated at this stage and I'll make sure any good ideas are implemented quickly!

GL at the Omaha Tables, Mark


Oopda said...

I like the new site. I would like to see:

1. More attention to shorthanded Omaha hi cash strategy -- the different starting hand requirements compared to full ring.

2. More sample hands where you walk through the decision-making process, assess the odds of winning at each stage, etc.

Mark said...

Thanks for the feedback Oopda, will be happy to provide some short-handed and analysis articles soon. Maniac play at short handed tables is common - might well look into this one next!

Thanks, Mark