Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Link: Interview with The_D__RY

Taking a look at CardPlayer yesterday and came across this interview with successful MTT and SNG (high-stakes) player The_D_RY. From October last year so a little late - however, thought it was interesting enough to post here with points on adjusting push / call ranges and ROI.

Interview With The_D__RY

GL at the tables, Mark


Oopda said...

Some of the strategies outlined in this interview are highly dubious, for example:

"So, really, really going for first is probably one of the most important concepts, because it doesn't matter if you get fourth."

As you point out in your e-book, the jump from 4th to 3rd is equivalent to the jump from 2nd to 1st. Also, no mention of ICM...

Mark said...

Lol, sure Oopda - you have a good point.

At the $300+ levels (at least the ones I have seen via PxF) they are not making many errors at the push / fold stage (and those would be a tiny % of $ev)

Agree that this seems strange advice, I took it as stressing the importance of winning once you are ITM...

For me poker strategy is all about taking different peoples perpectives and thinking about what to incorporate into your own game and what to leave out. Anyone with a 10% (or wnatever it was) ROI at the highest level SNGs is definitely worth listening to!

BTW - Do you have a blog? Clicked on your name but just saw a profile page??

Cheers, Mark

Oopda said...

Nope, I don't have a blog.

Congrats on the nomination, btw!