Monday, January 28, 2008

Bond18's Blog - Things It Took Him A While To Learn...

As much as I love pointing you all in the direction of my own sites (!), today is a case of 'credit where credit is due' with a link to some articles by one Bond18 of 2+2 'fame'.

His series of articles on MTT play entitled 'Things it took me a while to learn' is simply excellent and certainly fits in with the PGong mission of getting people to think!

Bond18's Articles can be found at the bottom of the Two Rags homepage - enjoy! (will open a new window).

In a world where P5's are publishing articles for which 'utter drivel' would be a complimentary label (exceptions of Grapsfan and Lenny here) and 2+2 Monthly magazine seems to have gone down the road of a mathematics degree being a pre-requisite.... it is great to see some quality writing on MTT play!

Gl at those MTT tables, Mark

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