Thursday, January 17, 2008

Best PLO Books? Mini-Reviews + Open Question

Was thinking that in 6 weeks time (the time it takes to order an English poker book here in Hungary) i'll be in exactly the right mood to read a couple of Omaha books...

So, why not ask the esteemed readers of Plan3t Gong for some advice on which ones to order (will probably go for 2!). In the interests of give and take below is a quick summary of my thoughts on the PLO books - or those with PLO sections - I have read to date... if anyone would care to drop me a comment with some suggestions that would be great!

1 - Rolf Slotboom 'Secrets Of Professional Pot-Limit Omaha'. By far the best so far (this one actually came from a recommendation) and far more to this than the 'short-stack' strategy which it is famed for... some really nice insights into the thinking process behind the game - would recommend this to any PLO player wholeheartedly.

2 - Reuben & Ciaffone "Pot Limit and No-Limit Poker'. Excellent book with Omaha sections, well written and with a few of those 'hidden gems' as well as solid advice on several games. Keep wondering whether these guys are always scared of 'monsters under the bed' in opponent's hands... then again they do play very high stakes... a great read.

3 - Lyle Berman "Super System II" The PLO chapter does cover some of the basics quite well, no raising from up front etc. The 'Kill Cards' chart is also a + (though a little outdated now we have computers to work out all the probability for us). My gripe with this is Lyle's Ego, there is no reason for so many anecdotes about $1000 blind levels, Lyle - we know you are 'considerably richer than yoouw'

4 - Tom McEnvoy 'Tournament Poker'. UGH, the worst poker book ever and the PLO chapter no exception... I keep opening this one to see if there are any hidden gems, after a few pages it is always back on the shelf... anyone have a table with a wobbly leg?

Well, thats all I have - if you could let me know some good ones to order that would be great!

In the meantime there are tons of articles covering PLO and other forms of Omaha at my latest website

GL at those PLO tables, Mark


Short-Stacked Shamus said...

I have just started Jeff Hwang's Pot-Limit Omaha Poker and it looks quite promising. Just published this month, I believe. Definitely well written, and it appears to be fairly well conceived, strategy-wise (at first blush, anyway).

Gallopin Gael said...

I'd second Hwang's book.

I also had Ciaffone's Omaha Poker recommended quite highly.

Mark said...

Thanks for those suggestions - looks like thats at least 1 decided already...

Cheers, Mark