Friday, January 04, 2008

Back Home - Kill Phil + AKJHousier Vids

Back in the comfort of my home office for this post - returning to Budapest to find snow and -6c after an excellent xmas break in the UK and now looking forward to building on 2007's success to make 2008 the best year yet (always the same new years resolution for me!).

No play to report on this time, though I have almost finished reading 'Kill Phil' and watched a couple of PxF videos by AJKHousier.

The book failed to live up to it's promising start in several ways. Firstly the 'strategy' (which involves pushbot MTT play to deny 'pros' an edge at the table) was unclear in the layout and excution... the authors suggest purchasing some 'strategy cards' to redress this - I think not! Secondly, there is a fair amount of 'filler' including a very cheesy 'sample tournament' and lots of pages of tournament rules... will give it another read at some point soon as there were a couple of nice insights / thoughts along the way.

PxF continue to impress (and to keep my monthly subscription money rolling in) the latest vids have seen 2 more guest pros, FKScreenames and AJKHousier. Both go through larger buy-in tournaments which are outside the level of what most of us play - however the thought processes behind what they do are worth the time and effort to watch them. Recommend PXF for anyone looking to improve their game this year.

GL at those tables, Mark

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