Tuesday, December 11, 2007

To 'Slotboom' - In More Ways Than One!

Had a trip to the in-laws over the weekend so not much time for poker. Managed to grab a couple of spare hours last night to visit the PLO tables over at Titan for a (profitable) experimental session... my idea was, instead of just trying to win money (!) I'd have a try with some new PLO strategy ideas and generally look harder at the subject of 'weaknesses' in opponnets than before.

All in All An Interesting Little Session

Had a few tables going between 50c / $1 and $1 / $2 - tried the short-stack limp re-raise with premiums strategy on a couple of these. Acually won 2 out of 5 of the times I got all-in pre with aces and decent king hands.... this is an excellent result as I was getting > 2/1 on my money each time... if only I'd won those hands on the $1 / $2 tables instead of the smaller ones I might have actually shown a profit...

Deep stacked at another table and working on the ' isolate your target from position' strategy - making small re-raises with quality hands, especially after my loose / aggressive / bad target had raised.

An observation here is that re-raising with quality rundowns + quality high pair hands (with help) is an excellent way of defining your opponent's hand before the flop! With $100 stacks this meant mini-reraising from $2.50 to $5... now with AAxx my target was raising again (around $13 - can not recall the exact figures). With stacks over 100 BB deep this made post-flop decisions very easy indeed... really enjoyed putting in the mini-re-raises with those medium rundowns 6-7-8-9 etc... and yes I did get my targets stack in the end (though he was down to $40 at the time!)

One more observation was with the $1 / $2 game - had not really played much at this level before, a little high for my PLO bankroll (Omaha plays twice as big in terms of pot-size / variance than Holdem... so this is the equivalent of $2 / $4 NLHE). My suprise was due to the number of truly terrible players at this level... in one example I had a low (current nut) straight + pair and bet the flop and a safe turn, the river made a higher straight possible and also a backdoor flush... so I checked behind from position. My opponent in this hand nad called a pot flop and pot turn bet (round $30) with a gutshot + overpair (obvious low straight on board). To make matters worse after paying so much for an unlikely draw they checked after hitting it...failing completely to get rewarded. This was one of many examples, those aces-only raisers are there too!!

Anyway, experiementing with a more aggressive approach to PLO and will continue to do so. This game is becoming very popular at the moment with plently of dead money at the tables so a few weeks 'rebuilding' could lead to a fun and profitable 2008!

GL at the tables, Mark

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