Wednesday, December 12, 2007

StarTracker - Now With Relative Rankings

Regular readers will already be familliar with StarTracker from a few months back... this is a (currently) free resource that tracks Poker Stars SNGs with a number of innovative features in addition to breaking down results by buy-in level and SNG size.

Returning to the subject today as a brand-new feature has recently been announced - The 'StarTracker Rankings'. You can see the ranking score for all of the players at your table based on an algorythm accounting for Average Finish Position, ROI and Sample Size.... in a nutshell this provides a better indication of how 'good' (relatively speaking) an opponent is at a particular level. What is more it gets around the issue that 'other' tracking sites have with a single win in a 180 person SNG (for example) skewing the results for players.

Check out the 'My Table' feature too - requires a download but will quickly show you all the scores for you tables... great info for anyone playing SNGs t at Stars. Here is the link:


Doomswitched said...

hey, i read your blog alot and you actually use to have my link up but i havent updated it in a while and am actually going to start again so if you would please add it again i would appreciate it( i still have yours up)
Anyways, i actually wanted your insight on a hand that i posted on p5s so if you could please respond to it when you get a chance that would be great.
thank you

Mark said...

Hey, happy to hear that you are back blogging - will get your link back next time I update them.

Interesting hand. Brings to mind something 'Innisint' says on PxF videos, his idea is about 'necessity', that is to say that your situation here is great whoever wins the hand (out of the 2 small stacks) and the blinds going up should help further... I'd fold this one and look to put pressure on the other players by being the first raiser.

Make sure you assign a loose range to Albatross77 too! (he did a great article on SNG planet concerning loose calls).

Would be interesting to look at the $equity for your call, try this for the basics

My thought is that its very close, but you do not need the risk - position too good after the hand... so fold and then own that bubble!

Cheers, Mark