Saturday, December 01, 2007

SitNGo Strategy - ICM Re-visited

Quick post today, inspired by various recent forum posts asking SNG questions.

Many posts start along the lines of 'I don't agree with that ICM Bull****', or something similar. Kind of 'leave that to the nerds' or 'I'm so good I don't need it' attitude.

No problem with that personally, there are in fact some very good players who do not call and push in line with the 'correct' ICM ranges. What the ego driven posters you see miss is subtle but brilliant - those people who choose not to use this actually understand this model very well indeed... in fact it is the excellent understanding of ICM, and the reading of situations based on the fact that opponent's are using this, which allows them to find positive expectation spots!

My thoughts on the role of ICM in Sitngo strategy can be summed up like this:

- You can beat the lower limits (up to $20) without it, especially if you are 1 or 2 tabling.

- If you take the time to learn more about ICM you will better understand what many of your opponents are doing (right down to the range of hands they push / call with!). Even if you do not use ICM yourself this is profitable knowledge.

- By making inappropriate calls and pushes at the bubble according to $ equity models you are costing yourself real money. Whether or not 1-tabling your 'reads' can make up for this - it is as simple as leaving $$$ on the virtual felt.

Want to know more? Check out this introductory guide: SNG Strategy - Intro To ICM , 100's more articles too!

GL at the tables, Mark


F-Badger said...

Very well explained. All my ICM is in my head and it works better than trying to learn from a web application as I have never used one in my life. However I do get all the guys I teach to use it as it doesnt come as naturally to them.

Also its also good to call light to cost yourself money against strict ICM players as you will get that cash back in the long run when they are scared to push to you!

Mark said...

Good point! If only the meta-game loose call worked at the lower levels too!!

Cheers, Mark