Monday, December 17, 2007

Personal Poker Review Of 2007

Well, for me there are only a few days left of the 'poker year'... on Thurdsay I will board a plane for Amsterdam for a couple of days (birthday on Friday!!), then fly to the UK for xmas and new year... a busy schedule of visiting friends and familiy will leave little time (or to be honest inclination) to spend at those virtual tables. So today a backwards look - then later in the week a forwards look and an annoucement or 2 about some changes to Plan3t Gong for '08!!

2007 has been a reasonably successful year poker-wise, I have cashed out on several occasions from various sites and still have a healthy balance online for '08.

The single biggest change has been to understand my own motivations better when it comes to the game. If someone would have asked 'Hey, Mark! Why do you play poker??' at the start of the year then I'd probably have explained to them that this is a relatively easy way to make some money! The same question now would have a different answer completely! 'Because I enjoy the game' is where it starts and ends....

In fact, 2007 has been the year I discovered that playing 'only' for the money turns poker from something pleasurable into something else instead! When feeling good and playing for fun I actually win more.... the enjoyment of the challenges of the game - those cumulative little strategy insights posted here at Plan3t Gong all year... that is the real joy of the game.

2007 has been the year that came into being. The idea started out as a 'better' platform for my strategy ideas... with the help of inspiration from many fantastic poker webmasters at it took on a new life - and has now got to the point where is generates me some 'passive income'... hard to believe there are over 200 pages up and around 10,000 visitors each month already... 2008 will be about taking this site, and several others to the 'next level' (more on this in my 'forwards look' later in the week)

Plan3t Gong really came to life this year too, have thoroughly enjoyed posting and feeling part of the 'blogger community'... have also enjoyed reading the other blogs (check out my 'blogs of distinction' list for some exellent reads!). Will take a quick opportunity to say thanks to all my readers and those who have linked to me - the readership has been growing throughout the year and I hope that in 2008 this will continue, many ideas to keep things fresh here next year - will again cover these in my 'forwards look' later in the week!

GL at those tables, Mark

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Game101 said...

Congrats on all your success. Both sites have been a huge help to me in my poker struggles. I will continue to read regularly.

Best wishes in the new year.

Happy Holidays!