Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Looking Forwards - Into 2008

Not the last post of 2007, but the last one from the comfort of my home office! This post will concern some plans for Plan3t Gong in 2008, a mention of some of my wider plans and even a thought or 2 about poker!

So, what will change here at Plan3t Gong next year?

Well, my feeling is that the poker strategy (which incidently I love writing and discussing here) has somewhat taken over the 'blogging' side of things. After all - a blog is supposed to be a personal thing right? Have felt for a while that PG is a little too, well, impersonal! So the plan is to have a few more posts about this mysterious strategy writer called Mark... might even tell you who I am and how I feel about the world - if you are interested!

The second change will be to write about the business side of my life.... regular readers may know that I had a senior position in a blue chip a couple of years ago, fell in love and decided to travel the world last year (2006)... and this year has been about deciding what to do next.

Well, I have decided... Plan3t Corporation will be born in the new year and it will have some tough goals ahead (and a lot of hard work!). The idea is to generate a 'proper' passive income by the end of 2008... one which will enable me to go diving in Thailand while staff look after the office! So, Plan3t Gong will be a conduit to share this journey, the ups and downs and everything in between, I'm looking forward to it immensely.

Finally, the poker strategy will continue. After all - it is what Plan3t Gong poker is all about... will never dictate or say 'this is how it is' here... providing food for thought for those who enjoy thinking is a big enough role on its own.

Poker, ah poker. My favourite sport (well, ok, tied with Cricket).

My goals for poker in 2008 are simple, enjoy the game and make some money. No big challenges, no specific goals I will play simply because it is a beautiful game.

Will try and post from Amsterdam over the weekend!

Gl at those tables, Mark

PS: Just a quick thought on my 'xmas booze challenge'... erm... well.... got my $2.10 to about $12 and then got bored with it... so the $12 is still there. Ah well, maybe it will turn into enough for a hamper by xmas 2009!


Ukgatsby said...

Merry Christmas mate
good luck for 2008

steviep said...

best of luck mark for 2008