Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Hidden Harrington Thought!

Finished up HOH2 again (must be the 3rd time by now). While going through I found an interesting couple of lines. Just a small footnote to one of the many 'problems' which feature throughout the book.

Funnily enough - it got me thinking!

Here it is, the problem centered on having a reasonably big stack approaching the paying places and a medium-strength hand in late position. The idea was to try and steal the blinds... skip the details... the footnote said this:

"Remember this, You have to steal in a way that allows your opponents a face-saving out, even if they sort-of know what you are doing..." (bolding mine)

As a big stack you'll be stealing a lot of blinds right, the idea then is to not 'force' those smaller stacked opponents to play back at you by 'embarrasing' them by stealing in exactly the same way from the same position each time.

This struck a chord, especially with the 'egos' you'll meet online who don't like to be pushed around. Something as simple as varying the raise size, making a delayed continuation bet instead of a standard one - or even folding once in a while could prevent those tricky 'should 1 call a resteal' problems that spring up from time to time.

Will certainly think this one through and try and adpt my game a little.

GL at the tables, Mark


mikewoodhouse said...

I ask myself "can they afford to fold?" which is a check that I'm not pricing them in with anything - they can be considered to be able to afford to fold if they'll have a good enough stack to constitute a decent-sized all-in raise if they do pass.

I don't especially like stealing from a large stack unless he has good previous folding form.

I suppose this is a part of what's implied by advice to attack the medium stacks.

I hadn't noticed that in HOH. I ought to dig it out to see what other nuggets might apply to non-HE situations.

Game101 said...

Interesting point, but is it applicable to microstakes?

Recently at the final table when we're short handed and i've been stealing alot, I've opened for more than normal raise, thus limiting my opponents fold equity.

I'll still get shoved on with their good hands but they're less likely to play back with weak hands opting to wait for a better spot. of course i'm a huge stack when doing this.


Mark said...

Makes sense to me, if your opponents have <8 or so BBs then you may as well just put them all in!

Always difficult at the Micros as opponents will tend to overvalue dodgy hands like ace-rag.

My person thought is that if they keep folding them I'll keep raising!

Cheers, Mark