Saturday, November 17, 2007

Sit N Go Strategy - Interesting p5's Post

Interesting Sit N Go Strategy post over on pocket 5's to link to today, and one that works on various levels at that with a fascinating debate between 2 successful small-stakes SNG Pro grinders included.

You'll see the numbers in the thread - where is gets interesting for me is the assumptions on which the decision is based, the pushing range of the big stack and the 'fact' that the small stack should be calling with any-2 (in my own experience at the 27's this is not a definite - even though folding would be mathematically horrible for smally here enough people do it to make it only 75% to 80%).

The best thing of all about this debate is that there are various levels of thinking going on... on one side there are a bunch of maths-based calculations which assume each player understands ICM... on the other hand there is the line of thinking that says 'if player x understands ICM he will assume I am pushing range XYZ, therefore I can actually push ABC etc etc'... great stuff.

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GL at the tables, Mark


Littleacornman said...

'if player x understands ICM he will assume I am pushing range XYZ, therefore I can actually push ABC etc etc'...

I'm no ICM expert ( basic grasp of general idea thanks to your site!) but if I'm playing solid players near the end of a $16 turbo I adjust to their adjustments to me ( if that makes sense!).If I've been my usual tight self then I'd expect them to assign me a tighter range for my first few shoves at least and this means I can actually shove lighter.( part of the benefit of playing TAG style in these games)

Great thread indeed Mark.Well spotted!

Mark said...

Understand you perfectly sir! always good to use your table image to your advantage - works in MTTs too.

I have another use of the same thing when I get heads-up... since push push push is the norm late game for me then a sudden min-raise can really throw an opponent!

Cheers, Mark

sttrow said...

Hi, You've been TAGGED - see my blog for details ;-)

Mark said...

Well Sttrow, thanks for the tag... I think.

Those who know me would tell you its not really my style, to go around tagging people I mean. Prefer a glass in one hand, a blonde in the other and to be having intellectual conversation about the latest fashion in Merkins...

Your blog looked great though, and had me laughing - so GL at those tables.

Cheers, Mark