Thursday, November 01, 2007

Moshman's SNG Book - Half Time Report

Time for a quick half time report on Colin Moshman's SNG 2+2 book... got to say I am not overwhelmed by it, then again I probably have too much experience with SNGs already - not really the books core audience.

One positive was a piece on 'High Blind Limpers' aimed at the 200 big blind zone. Already covered this topic here at Plan3t Gong with a few posts - 'the push over limpers' looked at the maths behind it... making notes saying 'HBL' for these players was also a nice idea.

The 3-5 big blind rule of pushing without looking at your cards was also good. Again experienced SNG players will inituatively know that you have to use your last bit of fold equity rather than blind away (reminds me of the piece on 'Going like Broomcorn's uncle' in Doyle Brunson's Super System... for those who do not know he anted himself to death!). Making the 3 BB thing into a 'rule' and explaining the numbers behind it will help a lot of new SNG players.

On the minus side the chapter on ICM was not great - too many equations which would put off some people new to the concept... its really quite simple and the book does not make a great job of making the central points.

Not bad and certainly worth a few dollars for newer SNG players - will bring the full time report some time next week!

Cheers, Mark

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