Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Moshman's SNG Book - Full Time Report

Finished up Colin Moshman's 2+2 SNG Strategy Book... time for a 'Full Time Report'!

Well, the fact that I'm sitting here racking my brain for something positive to write about the second half of the book tells its own story. Took me a whole cup of morning tea to come up with... erm, well, he knows what he is talking about!

The book is a missed opportunity, it contains some excellent points about a tight and solid early strategy and very aggressive high-blind and bubble play. Where is goes wrong is to aim those points at less experienced SNG players - then frame them with examples which quite simply do not match the reality of the games those readers are likely to be playing in...

Here is an example - 2 big stacks and 2 very small stacks at the bubble. Biggest pushes, 2 micro stacks fold and the other big stack looks down to find QQ. The 'Mathematically correct' response here is to fold... the reason why is the risk in prize pool equity does not equal the reward.

I can agree with the logic, many posts here on Plan3t Gong on this very subject... what I can not fathom is how this fits in with the cold hard reality of the Stars $16s (or the Titan 33s for that matter) and below... at this level QK, A10 and 77 are likely to 'beat you into the pot', let alone folding QQ!! Therefore pushing - even as the big stack, needs to account for the real danger of being called - not the 'mathematically correct calling range' of your opponent, but their real calling range...

Thats the contradiction here, either you aim a book at the inexperienced players and write about the reality they will face at the tables - or you aim the book at the more expert player and keep the higher level examples.

Ah well, getting a little negative now... there are some well make points - its better to bust by being too aggressive than too passive is the main one. Shame about all the 'filler' - especially the last 1/3rd of the book.

Colin Moshman knows what he is talking about - unfortunately even the fine editors at 2+2 could not hide the fact that he is no writer!!

GL at the tables, Mark


MrTynKyn said...

HI Mark
Always a reader , no a frequently poster, sorry
So , u are saying that the book is only about high buy-ins with razonable players , could be this book a bad influence if Im playing lowers buy-ins ?
Thanks in advance

Mark said...

Hey Mrtynkyn

Good to hear you are still around!

The book *is* useful - but only to explain the standard '2+2' strategy of super-tight early and super-aggressive late...

Since you have a good bit of experience you would be able to understand where some of the hand examples do not match the reality of the tables.

I'd suggest that there is very little new in the book for anyone with experience in SNGS - particularly if you follow the STT forum on 2+2 already.

There are better books out there, No Limit Holdem - Theory and Practice by Sklanksy and Miller is probably my top choice.

Cheers, Mark