Thursday, November 29, 2007

Luck + Changes To My Favourite Tournament!

Two interlinking themes today.

Read an article on p5's yeasterday on ones perception of 'luck' in poker, by Grapsfan. Made a great point about many players attributing their wins to 'skill' and losses to 'bad luck', too many words and not as clear as some of Grapsfan's articles but worth a read none the less.

Secondly, Titan Poker changed by favourite tournament! OK then, all of their re-buys. You used to be able to rebuy at Titan only when down to zero chips. Now with the help of a nice big re-buy button you can take more chips any time you have your starting stack or less... Titan have also increased the paying spots (at least for the larger field tourneys) from 10% to 15%.

Have always been one to enjoy change - even if it is to my personal favorite online tournament -the $10 Rebuy Nightly 30k Gtd.

So, here is what happened... 1115 entered, not too many rebuys meaning there was actually an overlay of almost $1k! Played a solid game all the way through, did not show down too many hands and found myself in the money... then further in the money... then down to 2 tables... then to 15 players left... with an average stack!

The poker-gods then deemed me worthy of a pair of Kings in the big-blind... folds to the small blind (who has be covered) who makes a huge raise - I re-pop (he's already committed to call) and he turns over 9-9... my ticket to the final table had (almost) arrived! Only the 9 on the turn was a small problem, the kind of problem which causes a box to pop up on the screen saying 'You finished in 15th place and won $xyz - Would you like to play again?' - yep, the end of the line.

Of course I was not happy, slumped resigned into my chair rather than angry. One minute later it was 'Oh well, never mind - time for a nice cup of tea!'.

Here is where Grapsfan's article comes back in.... with 3 tables to go and after a couple of failed steal attempts + blinding for a round or two I'd found myself with just 6 times the big blind, in the Hi-jack seat and the rest of the field had folded to me. Ace-Jack was more than enough for the job of shoving to steal the blinds, which is exactly what I did! The button called with Ace-King... oops, but luckily a jack on the flop saved me - enabling me to get to the last 2 tables.

So, there we have it. Could easily have internalized that result as 'poor Mark - he would have made the final table - but suffered a bad-beat'. No, I played well, and both the good and bad sides of this thing we called luck affected the game. Graps has a great point - learn to love your good fortune, it makes the bad times feel better!!

Finally, how did the changes affect the tournaments at Titan?

Well, so far not too much. Only a few people 'double rebuy' early and there are still hordes of fish (repeating previous posts here but you really have to see it to believe it!!). Did not like the longer payout structure as this lead to an extra 50 people basically getting their buy-in's back, have a feeling that this site will be my favourite for a long time to come!!

Check out Titan Poker today (non-US, sry), bonus code SNGPLANET will get you the maximum $500 sign-up bonus.

GL at the tables, Mark

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