Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Drawing Hands in Position - Check or Bet?

Turning my thoughts to a new area today... here is the scenario - you call a raise from the button with 2 suited high cards and flop a flush draw + overs... your single opponent bets around 1/3rd of the pot into you on the flop.

Common eh? could happen with a number of draws or made hand / draw combos in a number of situations. There could be other players still to act, or your opponent could have checked to you on the flop (or for that matter have made a pot-size bet.

The question is - when to raise as a semi-bluff, when to flat call and hope to make your draw and when to simply fold and get on with the next hand?

Not professing to know the answers! What I like about this one is there are so many factors potentially involved... the cards that you hold only being one of them. Plan to do a couple more posts over the coming days to look in detail at some of these factors - for now a list of some of the things we may need to consider, in no particular order (feel free to add to this list btw!).

1) Active opponents in the pot to act behind us? (relative to the player who bet post flop)
2) Stack sizes... how deep are we and our opponents?
3) The known tendencies of the opponent who bet (weak? likely to re-raise all in?), can also include any other players still active in the hand...
4) What kind of game is this - is the answer different in a SNG, MTT and a Cash Game?
5) How strong is our draw, to the nuts?
6) The texture of the flop - sure we have a flush draw, but is there an ace on board? a pair? stright possibilities?
7) Our table image? Are we perceived as tight, weak, crazzzzzy?

Have this 'forgotten one' feeling.... ah well, can always edit later. Something to think about - my own thoughts real soon!

GL at the tables, Mark

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