Sunday, November 04, 2007

Challenge Update - Size of Mistakes + New Widget!

Set myself a small challenge to make $1000 in Nov from SNGs + PLO... happy to say that the first update is a good one. + $212 real dollars and $285 tournament $ from some Sunday million satellites, alas -$7 from 120 hands of PLO (most of which lost in one big pot with the evil hand which is the second best full house!).

Feel that the relative break from poker in October did me the world of good, enjoying the tables once again. Actually asking myself before opening any table 'Am I in the right frame of mind to make a series of good decisions?', the couple of times the answer has been 'no' I've done something else instead.

Only made one really bad decision (shudder just thinking about it!!)- in a $10+R Sunday million Sat - I raised and was called by the small blind who shoved me on a KQK flop... hmmm. Stacks were already shallow and I figured (correctly) that he never has a K here. Not a good enough reason to insta-donk my tournament with A-J really though... ah well guess I had outs!

Its all about errors, as Rizen said recently making a small error such as folding the best hand when you are unsure where you are at and your tourney depends on it - is much better than making a big error. Simple words but so true. Make the little mistakes folks - let your opponents make the big ones.

Finally, I have a new social bookmarking widget (!). If you enjoy Plan3t Gong then I'd appreciate a bookmark on any of the services you use - if not then check some of them out (warning - they can get addictive, particularly StumbleUpon!!!) The widget is on the top right corner.

Anyway, GL at the tables, Mark

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