Tuesday, October 23, 2007

SIt N Go Strategy - What's Your Edge?

Catching up with a couple of PxF videos today after 4 fantastic days with no internet access... spent them visiting family, hiking in the Malvern Hills and generally eating fine food and drinking fine drinks (recommend 10 year old Irish Malt to anyone!).

Anyway, I digress - one vid today Rizen mentioned the important and much overlooked concept of judging where on the table your chips are coming from... the idea being that by quantifying where your edge is you can make the required strategy adjustments to take them!

This got me thinking (sound familiar??!). How does this relate to Sit N Goes?

After all, in all poker games you should be able to answer the question - my profit comes from ......... . (fill in the blank).

Since SNG play often involves many tables, and relatively few hands per game you only have a short time to adjust to individual opponents, and may in fact not get the cards / opportunity / position at the table to do so.

Which means that your edge comes from something else. But what? Here are a few possibilities...

- Ability to adjust to and exploit the 'average' players errors in the early / mid game?

- The discipline to wait for a while if you see every table has a few winning opponents already logged in?

- Great bubble play, sound knowledge of ICM coupled with accurate reading of opponents ranges?

- Blind stealing skills in the mid-game, including the ability to resteal / defend your own blinds?

- A small edge in overall play coupled with the ability to play 8+ tables at once to ensure a profit?

- The discipline to switch sites to find the softest SNGs, even though you prefer the software at your current site?

- Fine tuned heads-up play?

- The patience to continually improve your play by going through hand histories and working out whether an alternative line would have been better?

The list could go into more detail of course... my post today is more designed to stimulate thoughts rather than provide a comprehensive check-list.

Your edge is your profit, successful SNG players in the long term have worked hard on their game... if you plan on joining them thena little work could well see you answering 'yes' to the majority of the questions above!

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GL at the tables, Mark

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SitNGoTraining.com said...

I am interested in more of your thoughts on "The discipline to wait for a while if you see every table has a few winning opponents already logged in." I have read in "the books" about the importance of table selection; in other words, picking the soft tables. However, how do you apply this to sit 'n go's, when the tables fill so quickly, especially at the lower limits? How do you tell which players are winning players and which are loosing players, and do it fast enough to decide if you want to join a table before it fills? Any thoughts or advice in this area is greatly appreciated.