Monday, October 29, 2007

Quick Books Update + Reloading Thought

Started Colin Moshman's SNG book (2+2 one)... no great insights so far just solid advice on the play of hands in the early to mid blind levels. Often find that the value in poker books is not the 'main strategy' being discussed at all - but those small hidden thought provoking gems that would be easy to overlook in a quick run through.

One more gem from Rolf Slotboom's PLO book - though this would apply equally to all forms of the game... if you lose a pot when in early position then why not wait to go through the blinds before topping back up?? (if you are stacked then could be changed to buy the minimum for those few hands the reload fully for the button). After all you are going to make most of your profits from position.

Sure you could get dealt a monster UTG or in the BB. The question is whether these times would make up for the more likely marginally profitable hands - which your bad position make unprofitable??

Cheers, Mark

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