Sunday, October 07, 2007

PLO Cash Game Strategy - Reading Opponents

Time for a little more on Pot Limit Omaha Strategy (PLO Strategy) today... thought I'd do a list of the important things to look for in your opponents; Not meant to be comprehensive, or in any particular order! If you play PLO and would like too add to the list then feel free to drop a comment....

1) How close to the nuts for the whole stack?? My number 1! Like to look at the showdowns, especially when the chips go in late in the hand... some players will only show down the nuts (or close) others will happily back the 3rd nut flush with all their chips, or top straight on a paired board... or even more horrific holdings. Seeing someone show the nuts is not sufficient evidence, you need a selection of showdown hands.

2) What are their raising requirements pre-flop (and re-raising requirements too). Did a separate post on this... an opponent who only raises aces / kings is a goldmine. An opponent who never raises anything gives you the opportunity to limp with a wide range ahead of them...

3) What are my opponents flop betting ranges? Some people will play their strong draws aggressively and others will take a free card... some will bet top pair / 2 pairs and others only with top /mid set or better... take a note on this and define their hand later.

4) Does this opponent bet different amounts? For example if you see an opponent bet the pot on the flop a lot then they suddenly bet half or 2/3rds pot your interest should be immediately roused... why? Could be a monster, could be a weak draw... whatever the answer make sure you find out and take a note!

5) Multi-way pots, what kind of hands will this opponent enter a multi-way raise pot with before the flop... the thing to look for here is medium-pair only hands and non-nut suited cards. This is exactly the type who will get all of their chips in later in the hand with the 3rd set (or worse!).

I'm sure there are more!

GL in those PLO cash games, Mark


Kirby the German Roofer said...

Roofer is BACK BABY!

Check the blog Bitch.

Short-Stacked Shamus said...

Good points, Mark.

Adding to yr #3: There's also the aggro-type who always always plays fast after having raised preflop. These guys pop up fairly often, it seems -- some may be Hold 'em players who are c-betting here as if it were HE. Definitely pays to notice these.