Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Plan3t's Personal Poker Platform Pet Peeves...

And other words beginning with P...

No perfect poker software out there... while I have my faves (Titan and Party at the moment, but for reasons nothing do do with their ugly software!!) each site has something irritating about it... here is my list - feel free to add.

1 - Titan, unchecks the 'auto post blinds' when you reload / top-up at cash tables... really annoying this one, especially when multitabling and you find out you timed out in the blind.

2 - Full Tilt, No countdown in minutes for the tournament start times... you actually have to concentrate to make sure your tourney starts. + takes your avatar mood back to normal when you move tables - I want my turtle to to look happy!!

3 - Party, You bust from a SNG (for example), click the 'x' in the top corner to kill the table and get the 'Are you sure you want to leave - you will lose your buyin etc etc' message... probably my biggest peeve of all!!

4, Party II, the software eats your computers resources, to the point where it switches off the 'audio and video animations' due to the fact that it uses 500k of memory just to bring up a second or a 3rd table.

5, PokerStars, had to think about this one, almost wrote that the biggest deal is that I can not find anything wrong... but got 'em on one thing! During special promotions (1 billionth hand for example) they bring up a message which covers some players cards... ok its only for 5 seconds, but it is still damn annoying!!

Definitely more out there, travelling to the UK today so will make this a quick post though!

Cheers, Mark


Short-Stacked Shamus said...

Here's one of mine. Bodog automatically checks the auto post box every time you open a new table. I prefer to do this myself. If you aren't careful, you're posting the BB from UTG (or wherever you happen to have taken yr seat) before you've had a chance to uncheck the dingdang box.

(I agree -- Stars is about as good as I can imagine a site to be.)

Mark said...

Thanks for that one Shamus, sounds like the most evil auto-check out there!!

Cheers, Mark