Wednesday, October 31, 2007

November SNGs vs PLO Challenge

Almost finished my month-off from the tables... well ok, played maybe 6-7 hours this month. Not bad and feel like I've achieved my objective of freshening up...

So, going to have a personal challenge in November... to make $1k between SNGs and PLO while not playing too much poker (regular readers will know my 'other jobs' running SNG Planet and as a writer for other peoples sites keep me plenty busy enough! Also have a brand new website on the way (more soon on that one!)).

Going to split my time as evenly as possible between the 2 forms of the game and see which one is the most profitable at the end of the month...

Quick note about Carbon Poker - they are running a 'special' on SNGs for the first week in November - all are half price to enter (ie $10 + 50c instead of $1). Check out our detailed look at their SNGs here - Carbon Poker Sit N Go Special Promotion

GL at the tables, Mark

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