Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Blog Break Over - Poker Break Beginning!

Ok, Back to posting - fancied a quick break from my daily(ish) posts for a week. No worries the trusty Plan3t Gong notepad is full of post ideas, Sit N Go strategy, PLO and all sorts of other bits and pieces too!

Firstly, thanks for the well thought out comments on the last post - always appreciate it when people take the time to consider things.

Secondly, I've decided not to play any poker in October! Strange idea huh? Well, even though my bankroll(s) have been creeping upwards (thanks to mainly to the Party PLO fish!) lately I found myself getting a little stale at the tables... the game started to become a routine rather than the pleasure it always was. So a break - only from playing though... will still be writing and thinking about strategy etc

Just updated some great new stuff over at SNG Planet - including a new charater called 'The Poker Payment Professor!' designed to sort out confusion about The Best Online Poker Deposit Methods. There are a ton of new strategy articles for October at the site too!

Check it out via this link:

Best Online Poker Tournament Strategy

Right-o, tomorrow I'll continue with the any-2 theme started over a week ago!

GL at the tables, Mark

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