Wednesday, October 17, 2007

An Absolute Storm In A Teacup?

The Absolute poker 'super-user' account debate shows no signs of fading away just yet. The latest is that Absolute have agreed to an external audit of their systems.

While the evidence looks compelling I can not help thinking that this just does not affect me... even if such account existed the risks involved mean that they would only be playing in the very biggest games - and lets face it 99.9% of us are playing at stakes any superuser would have no interest in.

What it did get me thinking about was the more mundane everyday cheating that happens online. I've received rebates from Stars (for example) when SNG collusion has been found. The players who try this are generally kids who execute very badly and end up getting their accounts frozen...

Lets face it the potential edge from colluding in a lower level ($30 or below) SNG is pretty small compared to the risk (your whole bankroll frozen) when caught. Busy (as usual) today but will try to come up with some numbers for this soon.

Cheers, Mark

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