Monday, September 10, 2007

Thinking About Leaks!

Mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I'd look at my leaks / weaknesses at the table here... the hope is that this provokes some thinking as to what others leaks may be.

Going to frame this post in a positive way, after all the whole point about evolving as a poker player is that you identify your leaks and then work to plug them... so here goes with a list!

1) I have difficulty playing outside my comfort zone... make the stakes too low and I stop caring, make them too high and its the 'rabbit in the headlamps' routine. For this reason no more Sunday Million (or equivalent) tourneys for me - and also no more tourneys <$10(ish). Just never play an A-game in either.

2) I'm actually not a bad hand-reader (one of my strengths!), the leak here is not always acting on my reads... an aggro player raises small and I 'know' my Queens are beat, should really be looking for a small pot - more often end up paying off though. The reads are one thing, having the discipline to work harder on using this information needs some work!

3) Focus on one game... I play SNGs, PLO, NL Cash, Tournaments, 7 Stud and 5 Draw! Great to have a positive expectation in all of them (all be it smaller in some than in others). Also good to hone one's poker skills at a variety of games in some ways. The problem here is that flicking between all of the above makes it far more difficult to get to the 'excellent level' in any one game, plan is to focus on the PLO and SNGs again - these are my most profitable games.

4) Focus again.... on the game in general this time. 100% guilty of the 'poker crime' of having 4 SNGs, 2 PLO tables and 1 of 7-Stud going, surfing the net, chatting on IM, rolling myself a smoke.... I know that this combo is not +ev, yet do it too often. Plan to have 1 game type at a time and focus better!

5) Firing too many barrels!! Definitely have a tendancy to over-commit to hands on some occasions. Off course taking a stab at a pot when nobody has shown an interest is a fine play, but following this up with a 2nd barrel should be reserved for when I have some outs or a genuinely good reason for believing my opponent will fold. Guess this goes with number 2 above - an annoying tendancy to try and force calling stations off of hands!

6) Finally one specific to SNGs - particularly in the lower ($20ish) levels... have a tendancy to underestimate peoples calling ranges (and so over-estimate my shove range). 'Surely a thinking opponent can only call with a monster here....' famous last words when I'm insta-called with A-3 off and end up bubbling. There is no excuse - the evidence that the specific opponent did not understand $ev was there... it is a leak!!

Hope this gets you thinking!

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Not just me!!, Thanks