Monday, September 03, 2007

SNG Strategy - Playing Ragged Flops From The Blinds

Crazy week over - this week should see me back to the usual daily musings... have a healthy list of things to make readers think about in the trusty notepad too!

Today the subject is playing ragged flops out of the blinds in limped pots - early in a SNG particularly. Not going to happen every game - but then again anything that is worth a few chips is worth the time to think about!

Here is the scenario - you are in the BB with a couple of limpers - say its early in the game and the BB is 60. Your cards do not matter here (we will assume you missed the flop). So, the flop comes rags 2-4-7 of 3 suits for example... what to do?

- There is an argument for betting here of course, most opponents tend to play high cards and this flop will likely have missed them. Are your opponents capable of thinking that this is the kind of flop that might have hit a BB who checked?

- An alternative line is to check and call a small bet, hoping for a 'scare card' on the turn. After all there are plently out there... anything that pairs the board (9 outs) a 3 or 5 or 6 (12 more) would also do the trick.... thats a lot of cards! Again we are working with the assumption that your opponent will realise what you are representing (and not call with a missed A-J off anyway!).

- The 3rd line is to check and fold if someone bets (in fact this is probably the best line most of the time), but bet out on one of the 'scare cards' on the turn.

Well, a balanced SNG strategy involves all sorts of small things like this one!

Cheers, Mark


Littleacornman said...

"Are your opponents capable of thinking that this is the kind of flop that might have hit a BB who checked?"

I would tend to think most players limping very early in a sng wouldn't be capable of that type of thinking.I'm not sure it's worth making a move.It risks chips unnecessarily, and even if it does work and you win a very small pot, it wont help with trying to create a very tight table image to use later...

Mark said...

probably a good point Acornman, can be difficult to associate 'thinking' and 'opponents' in the SNG world sometimes!

Think the default should be check and fold, then again if the flop is checked and the turn is another rag... not to be ruled out at least.

Happy to have generated some debate of course - I never claim to have the answers... only a very long list of things to think about!!

Cheers, Mark

Littleacornman said...

If I had the limpers stats and they were winners I'd be more likely to take a wee stab at it on the flop I think, as I'd know where I was right away by their responses.( Obv no more chips go in if they don't fold)

Certainly another post that got me thinking.Thanks.