Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sit N Go Strategy - Inducing The River Bluff

Picked up Super System 2 yesterday - with the inention of re-reading Mike Caro's funny story about the genie who will add to your wins or lessen your losses (funny but very true little piece).

Came across a MCU 'Tip' that caught my eye, actually because it is something that I do all the time - so much in fact that if a regular player were watching closely it would be predictable. (fortunately in SNGs at the $15 to $30 level opponents are not usually paying any attention at all!!).

Here it is in Mike Caro's words... "Don't bet medium-strong hands into a frequent bluffer - checking and calling earns more."

Take an example... you are out of position and flop top pair early, you bet the flop and are called by a single opponent. You bet the turn and are called again.... here if you bet the river it is very possible that you will be called by a hand that beats you, not always but a good proportion of the time. If your opponent is a standard low level SNG player they are very likely to bet the river with a wide range of holdings - so check and let them bet!

Checking the turn in position has exactly the same effect (will get most opponents to bluff the river) the disadvantage of this is that you do not get any more money into the pot.

Top pair is a great hand to turn into a 'bluff catcher' and opponents are usually more than happy to oblige. You'll also have the advantage of avoiding a re-raise or check-raise that might be a bluff and might be a value bet.... top pair is much better as a bluff catcher - consider treating it that way!

Cheers, Mark

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