Monday, September 17, 2007

Sit N Go Strategy - Flop Texture - Beware Of The 10s'!

Something different to think about today - have had 'flop textures' in the trusty notepad for a while now... so it is time to get the subject started.

We all know that most flops miss most hands right.... something like a 66% chance of missing any one opponent, unless they have a pair in hand then logic suggests that continuation betting (when you miss) is a profitable idea.

Mentioned in previous posts that continuation betting depends on many factors - one of these is the 'texture' of the flop. I.E. How likely is it that any particular flop helped your opponent(s).

High cards are usually a worry, especially in a lower level SNG, aces can be scary too... but there is another card to look out for... a ten!

Why a ten (the readers of Plan3t Gong collectively ask)??

Well the issue we have is straights. A ten connects with more straights than any other card (well a 5 is statistically equal but people are less likely to call with baby cards). It is not the 10 on its own, it is the other cards with it.

Think of it this way, any broadway card with the 10 is likely to have given those 'high-card loving' calling stations either a pair or a straight draw... and 8 or 9 are dangerous too for the same reason.

A 10 on the flop needs to set the alarm bells ringing... if you have a hand then bet enough to make it unprofitable for your opponents to draw. If you have nothing (or a vulnerable hand) then it may be worth taking a free card and making sure this is 'safe' before you make a stab at the pot (reads may change this).... if the flop contains a 10 and you have several opponents then don't even think about it!

Hmmm, just had a thought - must do a post on playing a pair of 10's some time soon!

Cheers, Mark


Rob1606 said...

I've read this before, about a 10 connecting to the maximum number of straights (tied with 5), but I don't understand it. Don't all cards between 5 and 10 connect to the same number of straights?

10: A-high...10-high, 5 straights
9: K-high...9-high, 5 straights


BTW, some time ago you wrote parts 1 and 2 of Party Steps strategy. I would be interested to hear what happened with the tickets that you earned to higher steps, that you mentioned in your second post.

Mark said...

Hey Rob,

Good to hear from you.

Those steps tickets have not been touched for a few weeks... still have a step 5 and a step 3. After the incident with lightning resetting my computer during the last step 5 (angry post on it somewhere!) I have not been back... especially after discovering that the PLO is so soft at Party!! Will return soon enough and post here...

Good point with the 9's, will post on this detail at some point soon when I find the math again (might have been in one of the Harrington books). All to do with the number of flops which can connect.

Cheers, Mark

Rob1606 said...

Yes, I think I read it in a Harrington book. I did not believe it then either and there was no further explanation...

Anonymous said...

Rizen discussesthe 10 on a flop issue for c betting during his mil win vid i saw.

Haven't bet a dodgy board with a 10 since and amazing since hearing it, how right it is.

Keep the good post coming Mark


Mark said...

Hey Cogger,

Yep, rings a bell from the PxF vids certainly.

Seen it all over the place in fact.

Now really curious about the subject but a little short of time. Will probably look into it next week.

Whatever the number of straights - the 10 is certainly a card to be concerned about!!

Cheers, Mark