Thursday, September 06, 2007

Sit N Go Strategy - Bigjoe2003 and Limping!

Lucky enough this week to watch a couple of Bigjoe2003 SNG training videos over on SNGicons, took a look at some of the lower limit (stars 16s / 27s / 35s (ish) level. First impressions were good, Bigjoe2003 takes the time to talk through his hand reading and seems to have a good sense of humor too.

Not going to go into detail of his strategy here, just comment one particuar first impression - BigJoe is not adverse to limping - particularly early.

Do not often limp myself, small pairs in late position or medium ones in early-mid-position during the early blind levels yes - but the kind of hands Bigjoe2003 limped (even open limped) are the A-J suited, A-Q off variety, even a K-Q if I recall correctly. These are the kind of hands I ditch early and raise aggressively with in the mid-game.... but hey, Bigjoe is a far better SNG player than me - so what can we learn from this?

Not actually sure for now - will try to mix in a few more limps and see how it goes, when playing 6+ tables this is a bit of a hassle (actually trying to avoid too many post-flop decisions!). On the other hand it avoid those situations where you raise 3 or 4 times the blind, get flatted, miss and have to fold to a reraise of your continuation bet!!

Will conclude by saying I'll post some more thoughts on bigjoe2003's SNG strategy as I have the time to see a couple more vids - in the meantime.... if limping is good enough for bigjoe, then it is good enough for me!

Cheers, Mark

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