Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sit and Go Power Tools - What Could Have Been... + ICM Quiz!

ICM Quiz time! Now Plan3t Gong would not be the online poker blog that liked to make people think if there were any answers... so instead my answerless quiz!!

Before we start, was looking through Harrington on Holdem Vol 3 the other day and saw his plug for Sit and Go Power Tools. Fine. I was a happy user for a long while... but let us be honest here, that tool has not changed in a few years... in the meantime a whole new generation of such tools have evolved - going a better job, with more features and often cheaper too!

Strangely enough it almost feels 'wrong' to write about SNGPT negatively, it is like an old familiar aunt! Realistically though, it became a dinosaur, failed to keep up and has been firmly overtaken by my new favorite SNG Wiz (the best ICM calculator)... if you are serious about SNGS then grab yourself the free 30 day trial (link + disclosure at bottom of this post).

So, on with the quiz!!

Question 1:

4 People left, big blind just went up to 400 / 200 Ante 25, stacks before posting look like this:

Player 1 3000
Player 2 (you!) 4000
Player 3 (SB) 2000
Player 4 (BB) 6000

You estimate the range of the SB to be Any Pair, Any Ace, K8s+, Q10o+ and the range of the BB to be a bit tighter at pairs 77+, A8o+, A6s+ KQo and KJs+

- What is the minimum hand that you can profitably (+0.5% or better) shove here??

Question 2:

5 Players left this time, Blinds 200 / 100 with ante 25 again you are on the button with stacks like this

Player 1: 2000
Player2: 3000
Player 3 (you!) 1600
Player 4: 4400
Player 5: 2500

Player 2 limps for 200, you think he could have limped with a wide range of 25% but will only call with the top 10% of hands. Player 4 does not understand ICM / Bubble dynamics and will call with any pair, ace, most kings and Q6s+ as well as a few higher suited connectors. Plater 4 is tight and will only call with aa-1010, Ajo+ and KQs.

Same question again: With what hands can you profitably (+o.5% or more) shove?

Question 3:

Back to 4 players, BB400 Ante 25, this time you are in the big blind, here are the stacks before posting.

Player1: 4000
Player2: 3000
Player3: 3000
Player4 (you!) 3500

Player 2 shoves all-in and player 3 folds. Your estimate is that player 2 (an aggressive bubble player) would push a full 50% of hands here... the question is with what hands can you profitably call??


So, thats the end of the quiz - these are very common situations indeed in any online Sit N Go Tournament, so common that there will be several such decisions each game!

While very few people know the exact answers to each question there are many people who can make an estimate with a very small margin of error.

Let me suggest something,

Those players are taking your money.

Slowly, 1% of the prize pool at a time they will end up with the cash.

Each time you make an error of judgement at the bubble it costs real cash, not some hypothetical 'Sklansky Dollars' we are talking hard currency here.

The people who get these decisions right have spent time working through their game with an ICM calculator. They have input real-life questions just like those above and made a note of the amswers. They have done this enough times (20 minutes after each session is plenty) that the common situations are now committed to memory... and you know what, this gives them a huge edge at the table!!

A Plan3t gong suggestion. Get yourself a free 30 day trial of SNG Wizard, go through a couple of hand histories (the software will point out the 'mistakes' for you) and watch your game improve. If you are serious about winning money in SNGs then you had better stop leaking money soon!!

The link below will take you to the SNG Wizard homepage:

The SitNGo Wizard

(Disclosure: If, after the 30 trial ends you buy this tool then your host will get enough cash for 3 beers, 1 and 3/4 packets of cigs or 2 burger king meals*... whoopie)

*based on the stupidly expensive UK Prices.

Cheers, Mark

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