Tuesday, September 18, 2007

PLO vs NLHE - Different Skills??

Browsing the forums this morning, came across some interesting thoughts on the skill set differences required between Pot Limit Omaha Strategy and Texas Holdem... here is a summary of some of the best, and a few of my own....

- Mechanical Skills are more important in PLO. Reading the board quickly and accurately is a must, if you miss so much as an unlikely gutshot it can cost you the pot!

- Psychological Resilience a must for PLO players, the swings are bigger due to closer hand values and - well the nature of the game... you'll often be all in with top set vs a draw (or vice versa) with money already in the pot it can be correct for both parties to call.... swing city!

- Understanding that, in PLO, the flop changes everthing

- Understanding that, in PLO, the turn changes everthing

- Understanding that, in PLO, the river changes everthing (liked this one , erm three)

- Since it is more difficult to define exact hands in PLO it becomes very important to understand your opponents actions with certain types of hand. Both pre and post flop... (was planning a separate post on this one)

- In PLO it is sometimes the best move to fold when you flop the nuts!! (again, separate future post)

- Understanding of the different implied odds offered by indivudual opponents according to the situation is important.

- Less stone cold bluffs in PLO and more (and bigger) semi-bluffs, get all in there with that strong draw!!

- Fearlessness is a prerequisite for PLO play... you can not win playing passively

- Less 'trapping' or 'slowplaying' in PLO, this does have a place but the number of possible opponents holdings with 4 cards each make this far more dangerous.... you need to bet your nut hands to balance the times you will be betting your draws.

- Understanding the different pre-flop hand values is a must in PLO... in particular not overplaying those big pairs.

Sure that there are many more... feel free to drop me a comment and add to the list!

Cheers, Mark

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