Saturday, September 08, 2007

Defining Your Hand Pre-Flop - Reprise

Another post on the subject of defining your hand - that good old error you see again and again where an opponent defines their hand at exactly the same time as giving you perfect odds to outdraw them...

This time a twist - the game is not a Sit N Go but a Satellite (to the 300k Gtd Sunday on Party) 277 people started and we are down to 13 at this point with 9 getting the seat and the next 3 getting small cash prizes.

Table $300K Gtd Sunday Qualifier Rebuy 9 Seats Gtd (1148794) Table #1 (Real Money)Seat 2 is the button
Total number of players :
6 Seat 2: Love_J ( 162,506 )
Seat 5: zmax1979 ( 511,214 )
Seat 7: Plan3t Gong!! ( 273,460 )
Seat 1: ferenc64 ( 223,438 )
Seat 4: vovik01 ( 207,863 )
Seat 3: ANTONY13130 ( 336,749 )
Trny:35422971 Level:16 Blinds-Antes(6,000/12,000 -200)

Comfortable stack but not yet guaranteed a spot (2 tables at this point). Based on reads I had decided not to fight with seat 1 (donk / calling station... really bad and too risky!) or seats 5 and 3 (stacks too big, could easily repush me). Seat 4 was in the BB which I had already decided was a stealing spot... pre flop pot = 19200.

Dealt to Plan3t Gong! [ 7c 7d ]

Great, a little something to steal with!

zmax1979 folds
Plan3t Gong! raises [26,550]
ferenc64 folds
Love_J raises [41,100]
ANTONY13130 folds
vovik01 folds
Plan3t Gong! calls [14,550]

Standard raise of just over 2X (my standard raise that is - others were limping, min-raising or going 3 or even 4 times!!). Now we see a mini reraise!

Quick side note on the mini-raiser, he had been pushing (a lot) when folded to, over limpers, over min-raisers... good play so no problem with that - but the mini-reraise was very unusual.

So it folds back to me and we see a pot of 86850 chips - and only 14500 for me to call... hmmm. Actually said 2 things aloud at this point (other half was with me!!) 'Aces or Kings' quickly followed by "and 6 to 1".

So what had my opponent done - he had defined his hand to a very narrow range (based on his previous behaviour and his mini-reraise) then given me perfect odds to outdraw him (ok well I'd need 8/1 but realistically we get at least a half pot out of the hands he holds and quite possibly his entire stack).

So I make the call.... ** Dealing Flop ** [ 4d, 9d, 7h ]

Say no more. This is not mean't to be a 'lucky me I spiked a set' post, the idea is to re-enforce the previous idea about these mini-reraises.... will say it one more time:

Do not 'define your hand' and then give your opponent(s) the correct odds to outdraw you.

Just don't do it.

(Love_J shows [ Ad, Ah ]a pair of Aces.)


(Player Love_J finished in 12 place)

GL at the tables! Mark

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