Sunday, September 16, 2007

Dead Blogs... Blog Links + Blog Purchases!

Online Poker Blogs...

Just a quick post today, back to strategy tomorrow!

1) Dead Blogs

Have trimmed my 'Blogs of Distinction' list a fair amount - mostly due to my '6-week' rule for no posts... little point having dead blogs among the great reads on the list. Have kept all of the links in my favourites and will check them from time to time to see if they are back!

2) Blog Links

Anyone with a quality poker blog is welcome to exchange links - I'm happy to support those new to the blogging world too. Just add my URL to your blogroll with the text 'Online Poker Blog - Plan3t Gong' and then drop me a comment with your details. (no advert-only blogs please!)

3) Blog Purchases

Finally, if you once had a poker blog and have given it up I'd like to buy it from you.... yep cash for dead poker blogs! How much depends on Google Pagerank, the range will be between $20 and $100, poker site transfer or Paypal. Again, drop me a comment with the details and an e-mail address and I'll get back to you.


Wayne Vinson said...

I'd like a like exchange with - I've added your link to my blogroll at


Bazclef said...

Can I get a link please sir? Had u linked for a wee while... sweet blog!